Professional training by La Loge, Dijon (21)

Vincent Moutault has 20 years of experience as a trainer in France, and for six years abroad. To do this, and in collaboration with the cosmetic brand DAVINESfor which it is an international ambassador, as well as for INTERCOIFFURE, it offers in France or abroad hands on, look and learn and shows.

Vincent travels all over the world: countries in the east, North America, Asia, Europe, France and offers a journey into a world of pure lines in which styling is only creation and freedom. A precise work, at the service of elegance and refinement that meets the requirements of modern customers, and demanding hairdressers who want to reactivate. And always with the key word sustainable beauty in mind.

Hairdressing is our way of expressing ourselves.

What do we like? We can devote ourselves to it almost a hundred percent. Being close to reality in the “lodge” at least three days a week, and the rest of the time, we can also style on a contemporary shoot, develop our own collections for the international hair cosmetic brand DAVINES, style on a shoot , a parade, or as an artistic director, and all around the world. We also lead, as much as possible, conferences and internships, in France or around the world.

Our inspiration comes from the soul, the sensations that life gives us, relationships with people and music. We treat this inspiration spontaneously. Immediately, we create soundtracks that make us remember these sensations, it is a circle that feeds itself.

We consider hair as the artist considers his wooden ball, we follow the natural curves of hair with intuition, it is a gesture that comes from the heart. We only have one goal: to strive for beauty, chic and sensuality. In our opinion, color is the best way to enhance the cut and reveal all the subtleties.

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